I’m John Halpern, a crossword setter for The Times and The Guardian, among other newspapers.

2013 is the centenary of the crossword – and this is our great chance to share with the world all the fun we get playing with words.

We will be dedicating 2013 to the promotion of the crossword across the world, and we would love you to join us.

We’ll be sharing great crosswords from the last hundred years, unusual and funny crossword stories, we’ll be talking about the characters and personalities that make up crosswords such as the world’s greatest puzzle setters and their editors, the celebrity solvers, we’ll have interviews with puzzle champions and we’ll be discussing what you love about crosswords, and about words – what delights, and what infuriates you?!

You can come here for help in solving a clue, and share your favourite clues and your favourite words.

You get to solve some of the great crosswords of the last century, marvel at some of the most ingenious puzzles, and slap your hand to your forehead at some of the most glaring errors ever made!

There will be competitions and prizes, a surprise extraordinary global event, and you’ll get to meet some of the faces behind the crossword over the last century.

And we’ll be winding back the clock and solving the clues from our past, and from those years that meant so much to us.

A warm welcome again, and do feel free to have a look around!

All the best,

John Halpern



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